How it all works, the basics

If you are looking for a ski house in the Tahoe California U.S.A., below is how the ski house I run generally works.

Like the previous page said, I stick my neck out, pay a deposit on a place, sign a contract for 5 months and try to get enough people to share it with me for the season. I have been doing this for over twenty years now. So I either have it down, or I just love pain.

General flow

I found a place that works great and use it every year now. It’s not too expensive, comfortable, sleeps enough and the owners are good folks and cooperate and keep the place up. I have been using this place for over 7 years now. Here are some pictures taken in 2002.

This is a non-profit operation. I’m not in it to make a buck. I just want to have a place to stay that is comfortable and ski. So I take the total costs (see sample table below) and divide by the number of members and that is the cost per person. The costs include:

  • The rent for 5 months
  • Snow plowing for 5 months
  • Phone, Cable T.V., Internet
  • Supplies (T.P. soap, kleenex, keys, anti-freeze, etc..)

For your fee, you get a ski house that is ready to occupy and ski your brains out. You get a key and free use of the place for the 5 month lease. No, you can’t *live* there 7 days a week for 5 months. It’s a ski lease, not a rental.

Below is a sample cost table. I try not to have more than 11-12 members. That keeps
the costs reasonable, and the crowds down. The table below is the 2009-2010 Season (yes, this upcoming ski season).

Total Start Up $10,010.00

Number of Members Cost
12 $835.00
11 $910.00
10 $1001.00
9 $1,113.00

We were shooting for between 9-11 members.

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