In the last few months I got interested in longboarding. What is longboarding? It’s skateboarding on a skateboard that is 30+ inches long. To compare, many shortboards are only 27″ long. It’s a blast and it feels like you are surfing or snowboarding on the street. It is also dangerous and hurts a lot when you fall. Soon, I will put up some pictures and links.

Below is a really long longboard. I made this board from a pressed blank I bought from Churchillmfg It’s 50 inches long, 9 inches wide and is modeled after a Loaded dancer board. I used their grip tape design as an inspiration.

50 inch Dancer Skateboard

As it turns out I have been learning a lot about skateboarding this past year. I have much more respect for the old school skaters of the 70′s and 80′s who really started it all. It is sorta funny, as the traditional skaters think that most longboarders are kooks who can’t skate. That is really not true. Many longboarders also skate traditional skateboards in skate parks and on the street. I am learning a number of disciplines of skating. I am learning freeriding and sliding on a longboard, same for downhill. I am leaning about long distance skating and pumping your board. Lots of fun and good exercise! I am also starting to skate in the skate parks. I don’t have much desire to learn a lot of the skate tricks like a kick flip, shovit, etc… I just want to have fun and cruise the bowls and features. Right now, I’m just learning to drop in, man it hurts to fall! Even with full pads and a helmet. Still fun.

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