Lone Clone FAQ

Last Updated 12/01/2006

Here are some often asked questions.

Q: How do I get my key?

A: Mark makes them opening weekend. So you can be there then, or make arrangements with Mark (drop by his house or work, have a friend in the group pick yours up, last case, he can mail them to you).

Q: What if I forget my key?

A: There is a spare key outside. In the past it has been kept…….Ask Mark.

Q: Can I have more than 3 guests?

A: Yes, but you should clear it with Mark and the other folks who will be sharing the place during you and your guests stay.

Q: Can I reserve more than 2 weeks in advance?

A:There are always exceptions to the rools. For those special events (whatever they may be), usually something can be worked out. It is understood that sometimes things must be set far in advance (like travel plans or that hot date!)

Q: Who cleans the place?

A:Short answer, YOU DO! Long answer, neither I nor any of the other cabin members want to be your maid. So if you can’t remember the last time you cleaned the bathroom, dusted, vacuumed, then it’s time you did. If you want to pay, Mark will assist you in getting things set up. It’s not cheap.

Q: What happens if the place is not shut down properly (e.g. no anti-freeze in the drains, water not shut off, etc…)?

A: If there are no problems, then nothing! If there are problems, you pay. (Well most likely Mark pays, then he comes after you with a ski pole!).

Q: It snowed a lot last night (feet), why didn’t the plow come before I tried to go skiing?

A: The plow folks are good, but we aren’t their only customer! They also have to deal with the snow, that is, get to the plows, get the plows out (plows can get stuck believe it or not), and then start the jobs. With heavy snows and ice it can take awhile. If you go out for the day and then come back and it’s still not done, give them a call.

The contract says it must snow 4 inches or more before they come out. It also says they only plow once a day…so if they come by at 10am and it’s dumping…you can expect to have to deal with 1+ feet in the driveway by 3pm….lots of snow means good skiing. On Big dumps we have been plowed twice in a day. If this really bothers you, get out your checkbook. Call the plowers and pay for those extra plows you need. Or get the shovel and snow blower out.

Q: What happens if the snow blower breaks?

A: You figure out what broke and you pay to fix it. If the cabin has $$ then you might get some help. If not, consider it the cost of skiing. Or, if you don’t like the above answer, don’t use it. Shoveling snow is good for you and helps keep you in shape for the narley slopes.

Usually the part that breaks is the ‘shear bolt’, which are cheap and easy to replace.

Q: What happens if I’m using the snow blower and I get hurt?

A: Don’t let this happen! Please be careful! If you do get hurt, please be an adult and take care of yourself. You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. If you don’t like this and think someone else should be responsible, then don’t use the blower. Shoveling snow is good for you and helps keep you in shape for those big drops.

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