An Update on the Recovery

No I am not talking about the ecomonic recovery, I’m talking about my recovery from open heart surgery. Well, so far so good! I have been able to ski for 7 days so far, 2 of them in the back country so that’s great. I feel great. I have more energy. I still feel it in my chest, sore spot on the right and still some numness on the left side. No biggie. My weight is staying around 145 which is where I want it. I need to stay on the ball and at least walk every day. Need to get going on the bicycle again.

So, thank God for modern medicine and my recognizing what was going on. Got a new lease on life I did! :-)

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  1. Mark, my 2 email addresses bounced back as nondeliverable. Trying to send you the paperwork for 2013-2014. Can you email with your new address?
    Gary (re Truckee)

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