Who’s Up?

I can’t tell you how nice it is to send this out! It’s soooo great to be here. For those clones who may have not heard yet, I got an extra special Xmass present. Xmas morning at 7pm I went to the ER on a 911 call due to chest pains. Day after Christmas I had tripple bypass surgery. I am home now and in recovery. Yea. Best news (ha ha) is that I can go skiing in 8 weeks! and yes I have my prioirties straight. I AM going to ski this season. :-) Now for the stuff you guys care about.

Gary and Elenia: 1/4-5: Master
Brian and Fey: 1/4-5: Middle (The New memebers).

There may be others, I’m still on pain meds and might have totally screwed this up.
Turns out I did, it’s Friday! lol

Take care, GO Niners, bla bla, bla……

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