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Thoughts on sking

Last Post from the Ski House for the season

The ski season is NOT over!  The lease to the ski house is.  It has finally stopped raining after two days.  Snow above 8000 ft.  Mammoth is reporting 7-17 inches this morning.  Looks like May may turn out to be good for sking the High Sierra after all.  Gotta go get it!  This season at the ski house has been fun, it was a good group.  We have a new mascot, Tang.  As usual there are always the random sort of weird things that always happen.  This years list is the missing top to the sink stopper.  It was there when I opened up.  Some one removed it, don’t know why. They did not put it back!  Shame on them.  Jon turned another year older at the place, that was fun.  I also introduced both Jon and Bob to back country skiing.  They both did great.  I hope I can get them out in May….we’ll see.  Looking forward to getting out with them next season as well.

Like I said, in the High SIerra, there is still plenty of snow. The season should last to at least June.  We need the water so it’s all good!

I’ll post in the summer and shortly will try to get a bunch of pictures uploaded to add to the site.  Till then, Ski ya!

The Lone Clone Rides On

Well, it has been a great two days of spring skiing with my friends Ron, Bill, and Bob.  Now another front is going to pass through so tomorrow promises to be stormy.  So I think I’ll head south.  Bob is at work and Ron and Bill had to head home.  So it is just me and my dog Abbess.  We did a new tour (to us) where we used a car shuttle and skiied from Donner summit back down to Donner lake.  It was a blast.  We were near the tracks when Amtrack came by.  That was cool.  We saw another ‘better’ way to ski down next time so this one is one the list to do again.  I have my camera, but forgot my cord to upload the pictures, dang.  Pictures will have to wait till I get home.  Ski ya!

One More Day!

Had a great day at the linux foundation conference in S.F. today.  One more day then I’m free!  Free to ski!  Plus, I have great beta on Mt. Wood, and it just might be safe enough to do!  Looks like we will be skiing winter powder for a day or two then back to transitional snow.  On the east side they are not getting as much snow so  S. faces and E. faces will corn up again fast.  Can you tell?  I’m stoked about going skiing for a week.

I’ll have some great partners till Wed. then I’m off on my own with the dog.  Pictures to follow.  Ski ya!

Can’t stop a fun hog

Well, it might not be a week snowcamping in the high country, but it could be fun.  Looks like Blaze Pascal can shake a few days free and Jon might make it, and I’ll invite Ron and Bob.  A few days playing ski bum at the ski house, then off the the e-side for a few days for me… sounds like a great week.  I’m starting to get excited.

Total Collapse

Well, it finally happened.  Everyone bailed on the ski trip.  Blaze has important parent stuff to take care of, he’s got a valid excuse.  Dave has disappeared.  Ron is a no-go.  I guess this will be the year I get to go and ski some of the road side attractions on the East side that I have been eyeing.  Too bad it’s not a killer year, as some of the decents would be even longer, and some this year, just won’t be in shape due to lack of snow.  I’ll take my dog so it won’t be too bad.