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Thoughts on sking

Another start to a ski season!

Looking better than last year! I am heading up to open the Lone Clone ski lease for probably my 25th year! Can’t believe it. After my heart attack and the lack of snow last year, I hope to be able to get after it this year. Looking forward to getting in shape and having a nice long season.

Not to mention all my skateboards! I have way too many, but it’s soo much fun. Oh, ya, be nice when the new year comes around as my right little toe will be healed by then, I fractured it about 4 weeks ago. We won’t say how :-)

Ski ya!

It’s June already and it’s still raining and snowing!

Yes folks, I am gonna complain.  I am ready for some spring sking and skateboarding!  I really can’t complain.  On Memorial Weekend I skied from near the top of Mt. Juda (Sugar Bowl) down to Donner lake in 5-6 inches of nice powder and snow flurries all day.  Fresh snow in the trees, it looked like early December.  Snow all the way down to the lake a the end of June!  Gonna have to get up to Sonora Pass asap and maybe hit Bridgeport as well.  Then Tioga when it opens up!  Then in July the N. roads should be open on Shasta…. Ya, I’m gonna complain.

Get Ready for a Dump!

For those of us here in Northern California, we are in our rainy season. We depend on the winter rains and snow pack in the Sierra Mountains to supply our water from about May-Nov. each year. Well, we are getting ready for a big dump of rain and snow this coming weekend. The forecast is for 1-2 inches and up to 4-8 inches in the coastal mountains. Snow levels will start out high (7500-8000ft), so there could be lots of melting snow to feed the rivers. The Sierras are expected to get between 3 and 6+ feet of new wet heavy snow! Ye Ha!

Too bad my back is such a mess, I would go up after Christmas. This could mean a very long ski season, so I have hopes. Not too many shopping days before Christmas, better get out there!

Working from Tahoe

Working from Tahoe this week.  It’s been very nice.  Went out yesterday during lunch to an area close by with the dog.  Went up a bit and got some nice turns.  Came back and got back to work.  Man that was fun.  Today was mellow as it’s really been dumping since I got up.  I don’t think I could make it out of the driveway with my car unless I did some shoveling or some time with the snow blower….  It great to see it snowing!  The wind was something too… at times you could not see more than 100 ft.  Today at lunch I took the dog out for a walk on the streets in the storm.  The plows were getting behind and there was about 3 inches on the road.  Almost needed snowshoes or something as it was slippery…. no asphalt showing….  I am not sure I would like to live up here with the snow.  It’s a lot of work shoveling!  If I did I would for sure get a good snow blower.  Maybe it’s not too bad with lighter snow, but this snow has been 12-18% water content.  Still nice.  I call it Pacific Powder!  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time to upload some pictures.  Till then.

Ski ya!

It’s coming!

Well there has been lots of talk about an El Nino year for the west coast.  So far things have not been that wet.  We are doing OK, for water, but need more snow throughout the Sierra range.  Well, it appears that this coming weekend things are going to change.  I am getting very excited!  Part of the reason is that I plan to head up to the ski house on Sunday and stay the week and work from up there.  First time I have done that, but looking forward to giving it a go.  I hope to get out early in the morning or sometime during the day for a short ski, and then maybe take a day off if the powder is good.

Come on El Nino!