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Another start to a ski season!

Looking better than last year! I am heading up to open the Lone Clone ski lease for probably my 25th year! Can’t believe it. After my heart attack and the lack of snow last year, I hope to be able to get after it this year. Looking forward to getting in shape and having a nice long season.

Not to mention all my skateboards! I have way too many, but it’s soo much fun. Oh, ya, be nice when the new year comes around as my right little toe will be healed by then, I fractured it about 4 weeks ago. We won’t say how :-)

Ski ya!

It’s June already and it’s still raining and snowing!

Yes folks, I am gonna complain.  I am ready for some spring sking and skateboarding!  I really can’t complain.  On Memorial Weekend I skied from near the top of Mt. Juda (Sugar Bowl) down to Donner lake in 5-6 inches of nice powder and snow flurries all day.  Fresh snow in the trees, it looked like early December.  Snow all the way down to the lake a the end of June!  Gonna have to get up to Sonora Pass asap and maybe hit Bridgeport as well.  Then Tioga when it opens up!  Then in July the N. roads should be open on Shasta…. Ya, I’m gonna complain.