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Here we go!

Tomorrow I will have my first major surgery. I have shoulder impingement which has caused a minor tear in my rotator cuff. Or so they think. If the tear is more than 50 % I get screws in the shoulder and 6 weeks of no arm movement. It’s my right shoulder. :-) Our technology is great but even an MRI doesn’t show enough detail.

They are pretty sure the tear is not major, but with lawyers and such they always give the worst case. In general, I’m going to get a good tune up. Resurface of the ball and socket, remove any degeneration, removal of some bone, a ligament and the bursa which is destroyed at this point. Removing the bone and other parts will solve the shoulder impingement once and for all. So that’s good. If all goes well I will start physical therapy on Sept. 6th.

Like I said, here we go! (Next is the gut operation :-( )

Sucks to be ill’in

This past 6 months or so have not been great in terms of health. First I had a pinched nerve in my back, that took about 6 months to fix… then I had a stuck kidney stone that had to be surgically removed. Next I got an intestinal infection that has taken two rounds of antibiotics (that’s one month of them!) to get rid of. My shoulder has been hurting, and I found out I have a 40% tear in my right rotator cuff caused by shoulder impingment. I have surgery for that in late August. Next up after that is surgery for diverticulitus. That’s the biggie. Hopefully after this major tune up I’ll be ready to rock and roll again.

I’m still getting out (skated tonight), but at a pace much slower than I like.

My Excuse

No my dog did not eat my home work. I have a good excuse for not posting for so long (well I have posted the who’s up, but those don’t really count). It took a good part of January for my pinched nerve to get better, then in March I got a kidney stone and had to have an operation. If those aren’t good excuses I don’t what what are. :-)

Soon, really! I’ll be posting some more pictures and maybe even a link to a ski video I’m working on. Oh, and a picture of my new skateboard! Ha.

Having fun watching Sara Palin

Yep, you betcha! I’m having fun watching Sara Palin self destruct. Her latest comment shows how out of touch she really is. Go Sara! ;-)

I can’t believe the Republicans!

I can’t believe the Republicans are going to try to repeal the health care act.  Well actually I can.  They the party of No after all.  At least the military is starting to speak up and saying they will do their part to cut spending.  I should hope so, since they have been the elephant in the room for years.  Everyone (both parties) always kept talking about what to cut but the military budget never came up for discussion even though it is the largest component of the budget!  Plus it really strange that the Republicans want to ‘shrink’ government but yet they are responsible for the wars and the large deficit.

Frankly both parties sorta just piss me off.  ;-)