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First Who’s up of 2010-11

Well here we go! First who’s up. It’s one of the best starts to the season in years! Here is who I have heard from:

Keith: 12/3-4: bunk
Andy: 12/3-4: Master
Mark: 12/3-4: Middle

That’s all I have heard from. Have a great weekend.

With Fingers Crossed

Well the Dr. said, I need a cortisone shot in the back to get things to calm down. 95% chance the shot will fix it and things will be good again. Have to do some PT and strength exercises which I need to do anyway…. be good to get back in shape. This also means in a week or two I can ride skateboards again! Ya.

Who’s Up?


Here is who I have heard from:

Bob: 1/23: loft or master or bunk

Mark: 1/22-24: Middle, have one guest coming up Fri. Night.  I’ll stuff him in the bunk room.  Bob you can share that or take the loft.

Keith?: master or loft or ?  I’m sure he will fit in whereever…..

Jon: 1/24-27: Bunk

Lots of snow, R2 chain controls everywhere….

That’s it for now, leave a comment as needed.

Ski ya!

First Who’s up of the season!

It’s that time of year again! (No not the holidays, sheesh).  It’s time to open up the ski house and get to it. See the calendar for who’s up info.  I’ll be opening up the ski house on Friday, sometime in the early evening.  Ski ya!

End of an Era?

Every year for the past 20 years or so, I have gone skiing for a week up in the High Sierras with a good friend of mine and a couple of other good friends.  I just found out today that this year he will not join us.  Is this the end?   I hope not, I have had many great adventures with Ron.  I was hoping to have a few more.  I started back country skiing with the guy in the early eighties.  Skiny skis and leather boots.  Ron has been having foot and back problems and is not tolerating the cold like he used to…. can’t say I didn’t see this coming.  He needs new gear as well.  Plus he has a great time playing near his house in the N. fork of the American River.  He’s turned into a river rat!  Curses!

Ron, say it aint so.  More to follow.