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Looking at the last post I made, pretty sad. The season was just a sad, hence no more posts. I skiied about 4 days. ugg. Busy year, my sister died of cancer and i got a nasty flu that put me in the hospital over night.

Life goes on and here we are at another ski season. It’s supposed to be an el nino year so we can hope for a big fat snow pack. That sure would be nice for a change.

More after I update this site.

Who’s Up?

Lone Clones,

Here is who I have heard from:

Damian, is up there and I think he leaves today. I have not heard of anyone going up for the weekend.
It looks like Martin Luther’s weekend will have some folks up there.

Have a great weekend!

More on Rando Steve

It turns out that it appears that Steve and his partner were doing all the right things. Moderate Avi. forcast, beepers, shovels and probes, track on the side of the slope. It was just a big avy. Steve as taken 3000 feet down the moutain, his partner was 400 feet above him. They were both deep enough such that with both of them caught and no one else around, their gooses were cooked. Really sad especially since they were doin’ it right. According the report it was a soft slab avy.

Say some prayers for Steve and say your prayers when you go out.

RIP Steve Romeo

I have been a follower of the blog TetonAT for years. Steve Romeo who ran the site was a beacon of inspiration and stoke for backountry skiing. His comments, photos and videos were fantastic and really gave a good insight as to what the Tetons are like in the winter. Steve often pushed it, sad to say an avalanche caught him and his partner and they were both killed. There are few details on the death, they were overdue and after a heli search, their bodies were recovered as they had their beacons on and the team could find them that way. This is so sad. Even though I never met Steve, I am very shaken up by his death.

You can see more on Facebook and the links there. RIP Steve, ‘live to ski!’.

Great Day Skateboarding

Well my body is finally healing well enough where I feel like going out and working out. Today I found a great new place (for me) on the Stanford Campus, but in the housing area on Mayfield road. Nice pavement, shade to rest in, no parked cars and very little traffic. The hill is fast enough where you can practice you slides with enough speed. Plus it has ‘sloping’ curves, so you don’t hit them if you blow it. It was great getting used to speed and being able to stop. I am starting to fee pretty confident with my toe-side check stops. Still need to work on the colemans.

Had a blast today, can’t wait to go back and do some more.