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RIP Steve Romeo

I have been a follower of the blog TetonAT for years. Steve Romeo who ran the site was a beacon of inspiration and stoke for backountry skiing. His comments, photos and videos were fantastic and really gave a good insight as to what the Tetons are like in the winter. Steve often pushed it, sad to say an avalanche caught him and his partner and they were both killed. There are few details on the death, they were overdue and after a heli search, their bodies were recovered as they had their beacons on and the team could find them that way. This is so sad. Even though I never met Steve, I am very shaken up by his death.

You can see more on Facebook and the links there. RIP Steve, ‘live to ski!’.

Screwed up polictics as usual

Recently in the news it was announced that the former head of PG&E (you know the guy who was running PG&E when San Bruno blew up due to their lax safety checks!) has been appointed to some board to help determine if PG&E was at fault….. OMG!

This is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of. There is no way this person can be objective. Shows that there just might be something to the occupy movement. Things have gotten out of hand between big business and the government.

Make your voice heard!

I hate rpm based linux systems

I am having to install/configure and use rpm based linux systems. I usually use debian based systems like squeeze or ubuntu flavors. I am finding the rpm based systems do really stupid things. Like not include posix support in php when it’s installed. It’s an optional rpm! ARRRRG, you have to use posix calls in php if one is trying to find out the real uid or gid of the program or user. They also like to rename things. Apache is called httpd, but when you do a ps it says it’s being run by apache. Same with postgresql. It’s called pgsql except in the init.d script where it’s call postgresql (like it should be).

Maybe it’s because I am used to debian based systems. Even so, the rpm based systems really seem to make you jump through hoops and know a lot about system admin to get them to work. Another example is a recent install of RHEL 6.1 32 bit VM system. For some reason the OS decided to rename my eth0 card to eth1. After googling a bit I found the fix, but geez, why didn’t it just work? So I had to be super user, edit a system file and reboot. Problem fixed, but I shouldn’t have had to do it, it was a fresh cold install! Instead of making your life easier, them seem bent on making your life hard. Ah, well, that’s why they call it work and they have to pay me to do it. :-)

Sucks to be ill’in

This past 6 months or so have not been great in terms of health. First I had a pinched nerve in my back, that took about 6 months to fix… then I had a stuck kidney stone that had to be surgically removed. Next I got an intestinal infection that has taken two rounds of antibiotics (that’s one month of them!) to get rid of. My shoulder has been hurting, and I found out I have a 40% tear in my right rotator cuff caused by shoulder impingment. I have surgery for that in late August. Next up after that is surgery for diverticulitus. That’s the biggie. Hopefully after this major tune up I’ll be ready to rock and roll again.

I’m still getting out (skated tonight), but at a pace much slower than I like.

It’s June already and it’s still raining and snowing!

Yes folks, I am gonna complain.  I am ready for some spring sking and skateboarding!  I really can’t complain.  On Memorial Weekend I skied from near the top of Mt. Juda (Sugar Bowl) down to Donner lake in 5-6 inches of nice powder and snow flurries all day.  Fresh snow in the trees, it looked like early December.  Snow all the way down to the lake a the end of June!  Gonna have to get up to Sonora Pass asap and maybe hit Bridgeport as well.  Then Tioga when it opens up!  Then in July the N. roads should be open on Shasta…. Ya, I’m gonna complain.