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Looking at the last post I made, pretty sad. The season was just a sad, hence no more posts. I skiied about 4 days. ugg. Busy year, my sister died of cancer and i got a nasty flu that put me in the hospital over night.

Life goes on and here we are at another ski season. It’s supposed to be an el nino year so we can hope for a big fat snow pack. That sure would be nice for a change.

More after I update this site.

More on Rando Steve

It turns out that it appears that Steve and his partner were doing all the right things. Moderate Avi. forcast, beepers, shovels and probes, track on the side of the slope. It was just a big avy. Steve as taken 3000 feet down the moutain, his partner was 400 feet above him. They were both deep enough such that with both of them caught and no one else around, their gooses were cooked. Really sad especially since they were doin’ it right. According the report it was a soft slab avy.

Say some prayers for Steve and say your prayers when you go out.

Another season starts!

Well, we have snow and we have a place to stay. Another ski season starts! I will be opening up the place on Dec. 2. Can’t wait. Now all I have to do is get ready! HA. Things should get busy around here for the winter. Can’t wait.

Things went well

Well, my surgery was not that bad. I could use the arm by Sunday and had good range of motion a couple of days after that. The pictures of the operation were wild. They went over them with me when I saw the Doc. All and all I am glad I did the surgery. I may have the left arm done next year some time.

Now for my next operation, having a part of my large intestine removed! Yikes.

Here we go!

Tomorrow I will have my first major surgery. I have shoulder impingement which has caused a minor tear in my rotator cuff. Or so they think. If the tear is more than 50 % I get screws in the shoulder and 6 weeks of no arm movement. It’s my right shoulder. :-) Our technology is great but even an MRI doesn’t show enough detail.

They are pretty sure the tear is not major, but with lawyers and such they always give the worst case. In general, I’m going to get a good tune up. Resurface of the ball and socket, remove any degeneration, removal of some bone, a ligament and the bursa which is destroyed at this point. Removing the bone and other parts will solve the shoulder impingement once and for all. So that’s good. If all goes well I will start physical therapy on Sept. 6th.

Like I said, here we go! (Next is the gut operation :-( )